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  • Mesh network Upgrade

    Admin | Thứ bảy, 14/10/2017
    So I got home from one Unifi Job in Vegas Tuesday night and had to go fix another job.  Awhile back I pushed out a firmware update and it botched...
  • Full UniFi home setup New Zealand

    Admin | Thứ bảy, 14/10/2017
    Hi, This is my current and mostly complete UniFi setup, initially we only had UAP-LR's because of the concrete walls and the Apple Airport express's ...
  • The need for speed! Infinity comes to rescue.....

    Admin | Thứ bảy, 14/10/2017
    We're both WISP and FISP and we see a growing demand for more and more bandwidth, from both networks. When our first EdgeRouter Infinity arrived we w...
  • LiteBeam AC GEN2 South Spain

    Admin | Thứ bảy, 14/10/2017
    Here is a Cpe Litebeam AC gen 2 , working in 20Mhz , arround 1,5 Mille far from the Rocket Ac , working with a good noise level , 
  • 12 Mile Shot from a remote site to a remote customer AF-5X

    Admin | Thứ bảy, 14/10/2017
    Just wanted to share my story about a PTP i recently deployed using Aifiber 5X. We had a large ranch customer that was on a very long DSL loop, 20,00...
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