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Thứ bảy,14/10/2017
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Just wanted to share my story about a PTP i recently deployed using Aifiber 5X.

We had a large ranch customer that was on a very long DSL loop, 20,000+ Ft.

Customer was getting 1.5Mbps at best.


So we came up with a soultion to feed the ranch with a PTP shot from another remote site 12 miles away on a mountain top, customer already had an 80 foot tower at his ranch so we used that to mount the slave and PBE-300AC to shoot back to his house.

Been up for 22 days now and has not lost ping.


Need to go back up to the master and peak it but its a task getting up there, 4x4 and a bumpy 5 miles of rocks and cliffs makes it a very uncomfortable ride


Master Side On Top Of Mountain, Fed with Exalt for now fiber is in the hut just needs to be spliced in.Ranch TowerNeed to go back and peak signal at the master

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