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Thứ bảy,14/10/2017
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This is my current and mostly complete UniFi setup, initially we only had UAP-LR's because of the concrete walls and the Apple Airport express's where causing many issues with android devices so we opted for Ubiquiti gear from our local computer shop vygia.com.vn and it went from just AP's to a full network


1x USG-PRO4 (1000/500mbps Fibre Connection thru Spark NZ /Telecom NZ)

3x UAP-AC-PRO (Upgraded from UAP-LR) (about 250-380Mbps in IPerf)

1x USW-8-150W (main switch is a D-LINK DGS-1024D might upgrade to UNIFI)

1x CloudKey


Main reason that i purchased the USG-PRO over the USG is the WAN speeds dont always stay at 1Gbps but the USG-PRO handles it perfectly




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