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Thứ bảy,14/10/2017
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Hello Community,



So I got home from one Unifi Job in Vegas Tuesday night and had to go fix another job.  Awhile back I pushed out a firmware update and it botched 2 of my mesh Units on a wireless uplink.  I think what actuallty happened was I pushed out a firmware update to the remote units, and it either didnt take fully, or wasnt done, and then Updated their Uplink to the main network.  So the result was I had to drive 40 miles north and put them on the wired network so they could be updated with the most recent firmware.  Now, these Mesh radios are acting as a bridge for IP Cameras.  You can see in the photos.  At the same time I was using the Included dongle antennas and signal was decent, but not what the little Mesh radios are capiable of.  So I put the UMA-D Antennas on both remote units.  
That is a Mesh Pro that Acts as the Uplink to the network in the main building.
This building is the Central Auxulary building where they park impounded cars. to the left is the south building, used for the same purposes.

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