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Thứ bảy,14/10/2017
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We're both WISP and FISP and we see a growing demand for more and more bandwidth, from both networks.

When our first EdgeRouter Infinity arrived we were very happy and it was long awaited, as we're near maxing out a few 1 Gbps Interfaces on our existing EdgeRouter PRO 8.
So this morning at 4:00 AM an upgrade of core routers was planned.
First we had to do some planning, as we still need 1 Gbps Interfaces, and if you use 1 Gbps SFP modules in the Infinity, you lock 4 ports to that speed (port 1-4 or port 5-8).
Solution was to add an EdgeSwitch 16-XG.

We have 3 routers in our core network and now 1 switch.....



From top to bottom:


EdgeSwitch 16-XG (new) acting as core switch. We needed thiis in the setup to mix 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps ports. Port 0/1 is to a FTTH site connected over 10 Gbps fiber. To start with this will run 1 Gbps, but is planned for 2 Gbps within few months as more clients are installed and ready for service.
Port 0/13, 0/14 and 0/15 is connecting to different WISP sites.


EdgeRouter PRO 8 acting as an edge router directly connected to Internet. Running BGP against our upstream supplier. More BGP peers are planned for the future and this router is next in line for an upgrade to Infinity as capacity is max 1 Gbps per port.

EdgeRouter Infinity acting as core router. This router has 10 Gbps uplink to the EdgeSwitch. It connects all our sites to each other and PBR is used to route traffic to the router acting as CGN router or for those customers with Public IP-address directly to the Internet over the edge router . A 1 Gbps Copper GBIC is installed for a WISP site that soon needs an upgrade to over 1 Gbps. By using a SFP copper GBIC it's easy to swap to a SFP+ DAC cable and link up with 10 Gbps.

EdgeRouter PRO 8 acting as CGNat gateway for customers that do not need public IP-address and connection to our management network (Old HP switch). This router will also be upgraded to the new Infinity 10 Gbps router as soon as possible...

We're using http://librenms.org for monitoring. Best of all is that all UBNT devices is discovered by LibreNMS immediately. No need to play around with MIBs etc.

You can see the missing connection to the router on the graph. That was when it was swapped.

Is it alive ? No sweat, the Infinity is so powerful that it's almost sleeping when pushing a few 100 Mbps (Picture taken at 5:00 AM)

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